We’re partnered with over 300 expert wildlife removal and animal trappers nationwide. We cover all major cities and metropolitan areas. Call today to get assistance from your local wildlife exterminators and animal removal professionals. 

Our services consist of humane animal baiting, trapping and removal of wildlife animal populations. Our company’s experts will identify problematic areas, points of entry for critters, damages and potential remedies and control measures for nuisances caused by wildlife populations. Left untouched, natural wildlife populations can eventually damage your home by chewing through drywall, wooden roofs, garage doors, or burrowing underneath soil. Over time, wildlife animal droppings can adversely impact health due to the presence of diseases and viruses. Nuisance wildlife also creates entry points for other pests including rodents and cockroaches. Sometimes, they may die inside your home and cause foul odors as well as allowing dangerous bacteria to accumulate at your residence. It is also possible for nuisance rodents to chew through your electrical wiring which causes more downstream issues. If you have a wildlife problem at your home, don’t wait and call us today!

Wildlife Removal Services & Animal Trapping Near Me

Raccoon removal from attics, decks, roofs, backyards, walls, generators, ducts, vents and other hidden or difficult to reach areas within your home

Groundhog trapping and removal from yards

Humane animal trapping and removal of raccoons, squirrels, opossums, skunks, armadillos, groundhogs, snakes and other animals from under sheds or decks and also various other locations of property

Opossum removal 

Squirrel and flying squirrel removal from attics, home soffits

Rodent, rat and mouse removal from inside buildings as well as residences

Bat control – removal of entire colonies of bats from attics and roofing

Bird and pigeon control

Snake, cobra and anaconda removal, avoidance and prevention: don’t take the risk of trying to remove a snake yourself. Leave this one to the professionals! 

Mole trapping and removal 

Dead animal elimination and removal from homes and property – Home assessments and animal prevention solutions including attic cleanup, wildlife animal waste removal, odor control and any other emergency situations involving wildlife.

Armadillo Removal – armadillos prevail in backyards and around homes in many parts of the country. Our wild animal removal experts will trap and remove armadillos from your home. In addition to that, we will suggest common prevention techniques.

Iguana removal – iguanas are native to many habitats throughout the United States. We will apply humane and ethical practices in order to trap and remove them from your property.